We are just a couple of guys from Minnesota that love coffee, at least two cups a day for each of us! We wanted to purchase our coffee from

a gay owned and operated online shop. Guess what? There wasn't one!


So we created one.


At Rainbow Brew, you get an incredible coffee that has been handled, processed, shipped, and roasted with the upmost attention – not only to the quality of the beans, but also to the quality of life surrounding it. That's why we are equally committed to being of service to our community with our Caffeinated-4-A-Cause shop.


We just want you to drink the best cup of sustainable coffee you’ve ever had. Order a bag, and brew something good today!


David & Cory


At Rainbow Brew, we strive to offer the best Organic and Fair trade coffees available today. We will not roast any coffee that has not been certified Organic and Fair Trade. Our Roastmasters sample roast and cup all green coffee before we buy it and after every batch we roast. Slurping and spitting is a regular occurrence in the roastery.


Why cup coffee?

It is the only way to evaluate green coffee for defect properly and ensure that the beans we buy today are as good as the beans we bought yesterday. Coffee is like any other produce you buy weekly, some crops are good, and some, well, not so good. Our Roastmasters also cup each batch we roast to make sure that the roast developed properly. By cupping every bag of green we buy, and every batch of green we roast, we guarantee you will enjoy only the highest quality finished cup of coffee every time.


What is Fair Trade Coffee & Why do we offer it?

Fair Trade is an innovative, market-based approach to sustainable development. Fair Trade helps family farmers in developing countries to gain direct access to international markets, as well as to develop the business capacity necessary to compete in the global marketplace. By learning how to market their own harvests, Fair Trade farmers are able to bootstrap their own businesses and receive a fair price for their products. This leads to higher family living standards, thriving communities and more sustainable farming practices. Fair Trade empowers farming families to take care of themselves – without developing dependency on foreign aid.


What is Organic Coffee and why do we offer it?

In this century, coffee, which is the world’s second largest traded food commodity, has also been one of the most chemically treated food crops in the world. It is being sprayed, without regulation, with DDT, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides which have been determined to be hazards to good health and to the environment. This affects not only the farmers who grow the coffee in the coffee producing areas of the world, but also their families, their land, their water, and the consumer. The pesticide residues enter the ground and are systemically transported into the beans which in turn become our beverage. By contrast, organic agriculture focuses on building healthy soil through composting, inter-cropping, terracing, introduction of appropriate biological pest control, shade trees such as mangoes and banana, and a whole system of compatible, sustainable agriculture for the coffee trees. Drinking organic coffee promotes the health of the environment, the health of the coffee grower, and the health of the coffee drinker.


There is a balance between sourcing high-quality beans and appealing to the coffee drinker concerned about sustainability. Our Minneapolis-based roastery continues to offer one of the largest selections of organic-certified coffee in the country. However finding the beans is just the beginning. We roast small batches to order with much attention to detail. Our single origin and blended coffees are designed for every level of consumption. By optimally roasting each bean to their potential and teaching how to optimally brew each drop, it is obvious that the roasters want you to recognize their efforts.


Rainbow Brew's team are dedicated to forming relationships with the farmers they purchase their beans from. Most of the coffees they source have multiple certifications including one or all of the following: Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, USDA Organic, & Cafe Femenino. Exemplified by their use of solar panels to power the three Primo roasters, conscientious sourcing and positive environmental impact has been a focal point for Rainbow Brew.


Find out more about other programs we participate in!

Café Femenino

Rainforest Alliance

Gold Cup Certification


Whether you’re buying for a coffee shop, restaurant or retail shop, we believe you should always have access to the freshest coffee, meticulously crafted and roasted to order locally in small batches.


Rainbow Brew has a friendly team of coffee professionals who believe in present and helpful customer service to make the process of sourcing as easy and enjoyable as possible, while developing long-lasting,

well-caffeinated partnerships.


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